Revolut for Business & Portt & Co

We've partnered to make setting up your business account quick and easy, plus we'll give you access to features normally reserved for our paid plans!   

Portt & Co has joined more than 300 accountants who partner with Revolut for Business so that they can:

  • Save time for their clients through priority onboarding and support
  • Offer their clients the option of becoming a user on the account to further support them (e.g. with payment approvals, setting up the Xero/QuickBooks/FreeAgent integration and expense management)
  • Feedback to the Revolut for Business team to ensure our product is a good fit for their clients

By signing up on this landing page, you'll receive the following features normally reserved to the paid plans for free:

  • Bulk payments
  • Payment approvals
  • User permissions
  • Perks 

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